Regional commanders: Ceasefire, non-ceasefire groups must abide by the new constitution Regional commanders: Ceasefire, non-ceasefire groups must abide by the new constitution Regional commanders said all ceasefire and non-ceas 建築設計efire groups must comply with the new constitution approved by Burma’s ruling junta in May, while meeting with people from United Wa State Army and Shan State Army 信用貸款, according to SHAN sources. By Hseng Khio Fah 13 July 2008On 5 July, the new Commander of Eastern Region Command and Chairman of Shan State South Peace and Development Council, Maj- 烤肉Gen Ya Pyae who succeeded Maj-Gen Thaung Aye, called on Merng Zeun, former Shan State Army 758th Brigade commander who surrendered on 17 July 2006, at Namzarng and told that all ceasefire groups and the 燒烤rebel groups must change their policies in accordance with the new constitution while expressing his thank. “All armed groups must remain under the command of the Tatmadaw (Armed Forces) according to the new constit 禮服ution which most people supported on the May 10 referendum and all must adjust themselves during the 2 years before the 2010 election,” said the commander.“You are so lucky that you surrendered your arms to us earlier, if not yo 膠原蛋白u too will be in the list of the discussion.”Likewise, last June, Maj-Gen Min Aung Hlaing, the outgoing Commander of Kengtung-based Triangle Region Command and the new Maj-Gen Kyaw Phyo also called the meeting with 20 representatives from the United 酒店打工 Wa State Army (UWSA) at its command post before he transferred his position to the new commander. “In the next two years, there will be an election. You all must tell your top officials that you must prepare to abide by the new constitution,” Maj-Gen Min Aung Hla 澎湖民宿ing said during the meeting.“It is as good as saying we must surrender or retire. Does it mean they’re ready to fight us if we refuse to?” commented the source form the SSA. On the other hand, the Burma Army has reportedly reinforced armored vehicles and troops at Loi Lang, opp 酒店打工osite Mae Ai district, Chiangmai’s province. Unconfirmed report also says it will set up an FM 88 radio station in the area that will have many ethnic languages like Shan, Akha, Lahu and others, according to Shan State Army source based in Loi Kaw Wan, opposite Chiangrai. 會場佈置  .


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